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Your air conditioning system is a major capital investment. Protect your investment with a programme maintenance that will keep your equipment operating at optimum performance.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Let our team come to your site and provide a no obligation maintenance proposal to best suit your requirements.

What programme maintenance schedule is best for me?

How often you need to have your air conditioning system serviced depends on many factors including:

How often is your system used?
ie, from once a month to 24 hours a day?

How airtight is your building?
Are doors opened and closed regularly?

How critical is it if your system fails?
Could you afford not to have the air conditioner working?

What type of system do you have?

An air conditioning system that is not maintained is a liability to business.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

The benefits of keeping air conditioning equipment in peak operational condition through the implementation of a maintenance programme are direct and indirect. The direct benefits being that the system will operate continuously for longer periods of time avoiding costly breakdowns and disruption to the client business.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Indirect benefits of a system which is maintained regularly are that equipment operates more efficiently and operating hours will be reduced, thus large savings in energy costs can be achieved. A well maintained air handling system creates a healthier environment for employees and avoids the potential of sick building syndrome, saving businesses excessive sick leave.

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Cool Blue Maintenance Services

Building energy audits

Building energy audits

We can conduct an audit of your plant and equipment to ensure you are getting the best efficiency from your system.

Air Conditioning Air Balancing

Air balancing

A system that is not air balanced correctly will lead to different areas being at substantially different temperatures and cause the systems to run longer wasting energy.

Air Conditioning Filters


Ensuring the correct filters are installed and kept clean is one of the most important items to any air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning Water Treatment

Water treatment

Where your system has cooling towers, water treatment is very important and also comes with specific legislations to be followed.

Air Conditioning Management Control System

Building management control systems

The BMCS is the brains of the system and ensures that the pennant runs at its most efficient whilst still maintaining comfortable temperatures within the space.

Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning

We can arrange for detailed cleaning of the internal duct services to both your air conditioning and other mechanical systems (eg Kitchen Exhaust).